Every couple could use a romantic night at home. After a nice dinner, maybe some dancing and lots of cuddling, it's time to get down to the serious stuff. Lucky for you, everything you could possibly need for setting the mood is right here.

A couple's bubble bath is the perfect way to relax, unwind and get naked! Make sure the water is piping hot then add Organic Relaxing Foaming Bath w/ Lemongrass & Coconut.  It's delicious smelling, plus it soothes, cleans and softens. Next step? Hop in and lather up your lover for a sudsy night of sensuality!
foaming bath

Candles. Lots and lots of candles. Elysian candles by Earthly Body in Aloha and Confetti scents contain only the highest grade natural ingredients. Enjoy the ambiance created by candles and when they melt down, you have a warm oil that can be used to massage your partner all over, putting you both in the mood for a long night of passion.

Ladies, slip into something provocative, like lingerie from the hot and sexy line René Rofé, for the grand finale! You'll be dressed to give your man a thrill and the night will inevitably be a memorable one for you both--enough said ;)